Moving Beyond Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager (GTM) let’s you move beyond Google Analytics to track more of what is happening on your website such as:

Opens of tabbed information
Page scroll depth 
Which buttons in complex UIs get used the most
Track pre and post events leading up to conversions
Track specific menu items
How many clicks on social share icons

The list of what you can track when you combine GTM with GA is seemingly endless as using event tracking you can turn any action into a Goal …and when you define a Goal In Google Analytics you can make Google AdWords hunt for conversions of these goals.

Because its a Google Product the integration with Google Analytics and AdWords is seemless.

And perhaps the biggest benefit of deploying Google Tag Manger is that if you want to add say..

A Facebook Pixel
Or a remarketing tag

You never have to ask your web designer or developer again to add or remove tags ensuring tags remain on your site and can be updated whenever you need to.

Let us get you tracked and tagged properly.

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    Client’s Custom Google Analytics Dashboards

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