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We build campaigns with high user intent in Facebook, Google, Bing, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn.

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Looking specifically for directly connected call leads?

We can do that to. Take a look over at this service. You get the call connected directly to your business phone with the option for recorded calls using our call cloud platform.

Facebook & Instagram Lead Generation From As Little As 48p Per Lead!

This is not just some made up headline for effect. See the results for yourself. Now we are not saying we can achieve this in every sector but we will always work to get you the best Cost Per Lead (CPL) and one that meets and exceeds your CPL targets.

Leads from Facebook are:

  • Cost effective
  • Able to reach millions of relevant users
  • Highly Targeted to your perfect audience
  • Have Fantastic Intent when coupled with information share
  • Can be scaled quickly and cost effectively
  • Convert to sales and footflow readily

Results vary sector to sector. Quoted from a recent campaign in the Leisure industry May 2018

AdWords & BING Lead Generation To Meet Your Cost Per Lead (CPL)

Using Google AdWords & BING Search, Display Targeted Ads, Search & Display remarketing we can reach leads within and that exceed you target cost per acquisition. With Google Analytics we show you what’s working fast.

Leads from AdWords & BING are:

  • Fast to turn on for targeted search terms with just a small budget!
  • Easily measured and tracked
  • Can be tracked to forms and calls
  • Are infinitely saleable
  • Able to provide great ROI
  • Have massive intent due to them being from the result of a need i.e someone has actively searched for a service and responded

Leads from YouTube, Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter and more …

Typically leads in these channels are further up he funnel so careful planning is paramount. We go further to get you leads and utilise more paid channels such as YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter but only if they are a good fit to your business, product or services.

Leads from these additional channels …

  • Can reach audiences not found in any of the other channels
  • Can have high intent and good ROI when planned and executed well
  • Often feed the more Direct Response Channels like AdWords and Facebook
  • So work well to compliment the more top of the funnel channels
  • Are an important part of the media mix

Need LEad Generation?

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