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  • Train you by the hour on what you can do to get your website ranking today and the techniques and content you need to start getting results.
  • We can offer you managed SEO services. This is where we work continuously on optimising your website to achieve higher rankings in Google.
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SEO Fast Facts

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

SEO/Search Engine Optimisation is otherwise know as Organic Search Marketing – Put simply SEO is the art of ranking your website in the natural (organic) SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).

We all know that the coveted position 1 in Google will result in the most traffic to your website and to go with that the revenue per visit from this visit is the highest, more than from paid sponsored ads.

Not all clicks are equal!

It is largely excepted and in excess of 80% of cases that an SEO visit converts at a higher rate and with a higher Average Order Value. This is why having a natural rank for a valued keyword search is so coveted plus the more natural ranks you have, the more traffic coming from this source which reduces your reliance on Paid traffic i.e Pay Per Click traffic. We advocate a good mix of the two to get maximum sales.

Just a few Benefits of SEO

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