With nearly two billion users worldwide …why wouldn’t you want to use FaceBook Ads?

With FaceBook Ads we can target people by demographics, age, interests, following specific brands or interest pages or people … the targeting is laser focused.

Coupled with remarketing and well tracked traffic using Google Analytics we can really make this channel pay for your business.

Using carousel ads, news feed ads and video ads we will get your message to your perfect target audience.

Let us help you get more customers today and start advertising on FaceBook the right way!

Client Lead-gen campaign – results example

We are consistently getting great results for clients on Cost Per Lead model – click to see this example for yourself. 

Our Facebook Campaign Process

Step 1 - The Strategy

In the initial phase of planning your Facebook campaign we fact find about your business services or products, undertsand what you want to sell more off or get more leads for and what are your unique selling points. We then use this to feed step 2 – targeting and planning.

Step 2 - Targeting, Budgeting & Quotes

Having done the fact find on your business we use this to create a targeting plan for who what when and where we should target on Facebook. With so much targeting available from age to interests, location and more we can get a detailed plan to see what kind of volume of people you can reach and how much budget you will need. With this we formulate our quotation to create the campaigns for you.

On acceptance of our quote we get to work and start the creatives .

Step 3 - Ads & Creatives

Your ads need to stand out and stir emotion and action.

Our designers will create a range of ad creatives for you for use in all ad formats that are on-brand and have compelling messages and emotive imagery to get results

You have final sign-off before setting the campaigns live

Step 4 - Setting Campaigns Live

We load your Facebook ad account into our master Facebook ad account manager and create the relevant campaigns for you. On your approval we set live. It is always the client budget that funds the campaigns as we do not spend on advertising for and behalf of clients – we find it simpler this way for both parties.

Step 5 - Optimising & Scaling

When we are retained past the initial set-up of campaigns and after the initial few weeks of results we look for ways to scasle your campaigns whether its additional ads, more budget, different audiences or a blended approach we will always work to improve your return on ad spend.

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    1.28 billion people log onto Facebook daily active users (Facebook DAU) for first Quarter of 2017, which represents a 18% increase year over year
    (Source: Facebook as 05/03/17)