Want to sell more and build your brand at the same time?

Mailchimp is not only an email delivery platform of email service provider it is much more than that. It is the largest marketing automation platform in the world.

Once you have Mailchimp integrated into your ecommerce website you effectively have a second brain. With each sale you make you collect that data into Mailchimp and this can be used to send highly targeted and automated emails on complete Autopilot,

So if you want to …

Build Loyalty with customers, you can

Recover abandoned carts, you can

Upsell and cross sell to exisitng customers, you can

Welcome new subscribers, you can

Send emails at the best times to get the most sales , you can

Lift sales revenues up at low points in the month, you can

And the list goes on

Let us show you how we can start taking some of the struggle out of your CRM processes and start making more money by massaging your list with the clever little monkey that is know as Mailchimp.

We provide ad-hoc support, setup and ongoing managed email services so the choice is yours. Please drop us a line with what you need and we will get back to you straight away.

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    Mailchimp integrates with these major eCommerce platforms

    We will build you better emails that get opened more and sell more!

    Whether you are sending a newsletter, a sale email or telling a story – with Mailchimp’s camapign builder we can build you beautiful captivating emails that drive engagement and action

    With Mailchimp we will find you more customers

    We can use your list to re-market to people on Facebook and on the Google network. We can incentives them with ads to get you more sales for less. Put simply we will find you more customers when you start using Mailchimp effectively.