What To Do Now Converted Clicks In AdWords Is Retiring

AdWords Is Retiring Converted Clicks Metric This September

So this September will see the very much loved converted clicks metric disappear in Google AdWords and if you are like a lot of our clients using this to control your bidding under the CPA (Cost Per Conversion) bidding model you could run into quite a bit of trouble this month as it retires with rising cpcs and spend potentially going through the roof on AdWords.

There is a positive side here – get it fixed and you will stay on top and your competitors will “bomb” out of the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) leaving you to “mop” up so to speak.

Why is it changing?

Take for example if an advertiser was tracking multiple goals, converted clicks couldn’t track which goal a user completed, whereas conversions could.
Furthermore the converted clicks metric couldn’t be used to track cross-device and cross-browser conversions or be used in more sophisticated attribution funnels which is more important in this mobile first age!

What’s changing?

  • Retirement of converted clicks metric
  • Only conversions can be measured thereafter
  • Official retirement date September 21st 201

What’s the impact?

  • Conversion counts have the potential to rise
  • So reported costs per conversion may lower
  • And so For advertiser using CPA bid methods and rules
  • CPCs might rise unnecessarily
  • Daily spend is likely to creep up

What should I do?

  • Consider switching now to minimise the impact
  • Remove any duplicate goals not needed
  • Switch to counting one conversion rather than every
  • Track cross device conversions
  • Consider switching back to manual CPC

If you are still unsure as to what to do drop us a line or give us a call

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