Digital Skills Training FREE 30 Minute Taster Session

Bored at home furloughed?

Now is the time to brush up on your digital skills so you can hit the ground running with the necessary expertise to take your company to the next level or further your career as a digital marketeer.

We can train you 1 to 1 or as part of a delegate group. Our training is training by doing and not theory – we actually work on your account withing the training or show you using our demonstration accounts and websites. You can think of our training as consultancy more than training so you learn faster and get things done.

As a digital SEM agency we can train you in any of the following top 10 skills that are a must in today’s digital economy.

  1. Amazon Selling Training – Probably The Most Important Training you could do right now in the current climate but also for future proofing your channel selling activities.
  2. Google Ads Training – From beginner to advance we can show you step by step how to create and manage campaigns for high return on investment
  3. Google Shopping Training – We can navigate you through all the steps required to get you successfully running and selling on this channel quickly.
  4. Facebook Ads Training – Learning how to deploy an effective traffic or lead generation campaign for your business using Facebook and other social platforms is an essential tool for any business in today’s economy.
  5. Search Engine Optimisations (SEO) Training – Learning how to optimise your website and content to get rank within the search engines still has to be one of the top skills a digital marketer is required to have in today’s economy. Traffic from organic ranking still has higher conversion rates and intent and to top it off once it’s established it is free.
  6. Google Optimise Training – want to try out a different looking home page or product page to see if you can get more sales without committing to development time then Google optimise is what you need.
  7. Google Analytics Training – Do you understand all the data and where to find the key information to improve your website? Our training will accelerate your understanding quickly.
  8. Google 360 Studio Training – Learn to create easy to understand dashboards for your management team to show all the key metrics of your online operations without them having to understand Analytics and Google Ads.
  9. WordPress Training – From the basics of blogging to actually building a WordPress website we can teach you all the way.
  10. Woocommerce Training – from idea to completion we can take you all the way in building a Woocommerce website take a look at a website where we trained the staff from within to deploy

To claim your 30 minuet taster session just email with the subject Free 30 Minutes Training and tell us what you want us to train you on – we will do the rest.

Happy training. To your success. Stay Safe.