Google Shopping Is Now Free For All – Retailers Must Jump On board!

Google have today announced they are reverting back to the days of Froogle some 18 years ago when the concept of Google Shopping started.

This is a massive move on Google’s part to push back against Amazon’s meteoric growth on the world of online shopping in an attempt to make Google Shopping the destination to find and buy anything. Following a very similar strategy to how Amazon opened up its platform to third party sellers to full its own gaps of product supply to make it the buys anything store that it has become.

Google Shopping paid ads will of course remain and I invariably will still take the top pots but this should not deter even the smallest singe unit retailer from getting their inventory listed on Google Shopping for free! it will increase any retailers online presence and they will get consequential sales. As these come through a retailer will be able to see where demand is for what they sell and with or without the help of agencies like us can fan these flames and invest in paid advertising on this platform.

Google have also announced their will be a PayPal integration at Google Shopping to win the sale at point of search – another plus for retailers preventing customer drift/leakage to other platforms (Amazon etc). Naturally Google will benefit but so will you the retailers as you will get sales that you would not have otherwise and fight back declining retail footfall.

Exciting times. And if anyone needs help we can walk you through. Drop us a line for a free 30 minute session on how to take advantage of this.

To your success

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