Have You Heard? Google Is Making Some BIG Changes To Google Ads!

Campaign Level Conversions

Finally we can task Google with going after the hard and softer conversions separately. This is a major shift as previously you had to be pretty single minded in what conversion action you were going to assign at account level so all campaigns ran to the same target conversion – and blended conversions in an account never really worked particularly well. Now we will be able to have campaigns that are tasked with different conversions

Smart bidding with Seasonal Adjustments

At last is our response! We will soon be able to fine tune bids against a seasonal schedule to account for periods of high an low conversion and sales. This is coming to accounts in the next few weeks and to Shopping later on in the Summer. Think about a retailer who sells more seasonally biased outdoor gear – a seasonally adjusted bidding schedule makes complete sense. Bid higher in peak demand and ramp down in low periods. It will only work with conversion bid models but that is perfect for retail and even it is applicable in B2B businesses where seasonality affects for example Conservatory suppliers, Gardening services etc.

There are some other small minor releases, never the less still extremely important in maintaining and improving ROI on your account, coming down the line such as a new conversion value bidding strategy and the ability to set conversion value rules based on location, devices and audiences.

Rest assured we will be applying all of these changes and adjustments to our client accounts but if you are unsure as to how it might affect your Google Ads activity or you want us to review it for you free of charge with no obligation – just drop us a line and we can have a chat.

To your success.