Is Amazon Gobbling Up All Your Customers? Are you struggling to catch-up?

Is Amazon the Pac-Man in your sector?  let us show you how to get more ghosts, and win customers back to you from Amazon!

Amazon has fast become the Pac-Man of the online world!

We all know the Amazon is literally eating at every sector and category in its path a bit like the indiscriminate Pac-Man of the 1980s game in that analogy we will show you how to get more ghosts more of the time and start winning customers back and market share back to your own website.

First We get you thinking like Amazon and play them at their own game and the beauty is they’re showing the world how to be the best e-commerce and customer service business everyday.  They are literally leaving breadcrumbs so we just need to watch them closely understand why they have so much market share and how they keep customers coming back time time again.

We will let you into a little secret …’s  definitely not the website that has the best customer experience but it’s the speed in which a user can find a product, compare products,  pay for it instantly and have it delivered the next day. So even if your website doesn’t have the best user experience we can learn from this Pac-Man of a business and apply it to yours to win you more customers.

To learn from them you need  first to have been a customer  to experience their customer service and the buying experience and b a seller.  Becoming an Amazon seller as one of the key factors in starting to win back customers from Amazon back to your website.  If you’re not selling on Amazon you’re missing customers so you’ll never be able to begin to win them back it’s a classic case of if you can’t beat them join them. Once we get you selling on Amazon we apply online and offline win-back tactics, after all we want them to buy from you direct next time rather than pay the 15% fee to Amazon!

As a specialist traffic and conversion agency we can help you:-

  • Automate your product catalogue onto Amazon.
  • Get  you more visibility of your products on Amazon
  • Which will in turn get you selling more on Amazon  allowing you to win more customers over from Amazon to your  website
  • Teach you on and offline win back tactics from Amazon
  • Get more of your visitors converting on your current website
  • How to increase the average order value of each customer
  • Methods to retain customers to increase lifetime value
  • How to maximize your channel traffic for high return on investment
  • All the while measuring the performance across all your selling channels

So if you want more sales through your website and want to grow market share and win back customers from Amazon leave a few details in the form below  and we will see if we can help you. We say we will see because we can’t help everyone Because not all businesses fit our criteria for assistance And furthermore we can only take on a limited amount of companies where we can maximise sales.

If you need help winning customers from Amazon – please leave a few detials, thank you.