Escape the Brexit nonsense and start tapping into the £180 billion European Ecommerce Market!

If you’re already an e-commerce website selling in the UK don’t be fearful of selling into Europe amongst the chaos. The UK e-commerce market was worth around £180 billion in 2017 and France and Germany’s e-commerce markets were circa £90 billion each making them, as a combined marketplace the same size as the UK’s!

Sales you make into Europe will be completely incremental and drive further exposure of your business and brand. 38% of purchases online in Europe cross border in 2017 to other EU countries which demonstrates the willingness of the European consumer to purchase cross borders so long as the product and price are right.

In 2018 the largest cross-border European countries in terms of percentage of online purchases bought from the Uk* were as follows

  • Cyprus 26%
  • Italy 19%
  • Denmark 18%
  • Greece 17%
  • Slovenia 13%
  • Sweden 15%
  • Norway 14%
  • Finland 11%
  • Netherlands 7%


We’re helping one of our fantastic FMCG clients reach this additional market with translated Google Search and Shopping ads into the Netherlands. It’s working for them in one of the smaller cross border ecommerce markets so expansion into others will follow quickly!

Want to grab a price of the European eCommerce action? Talk to us today about getting up and running selling your products into the European market today.