Need Phone Call Leads Into Your Business?

Bit of a daft question really! Show me a non-retail/eCommerce business that doesn’t need phone call leads into their business.

After all phone leads are the lifeblood of businesses across all sectors but generating them can be costly and time consuming.

Most business owners go for traffic to their site and wait for web enquiry forms to be filled in with the occasional resultant call. The somewhat sad truth is that it can take 3,4,5,6,10 clicks – all the time you are paying for these clicks – before a visitor eventually fills in a web form. And what’s worse is it can sometimes take 3 or 4 web form enquiries to make a sale.

The doom & gloom continues with driving visits in the hope you get some web enquiry forms ….often they are filled with bogus information with 62% of them are lacking the phone number!

So now here comes the good news …..

Phone call leads convert at 10 times the rate of other digital leads

And the good news continues

Phone calls invariably have a much higher order value

And some other benefits include

  • Phone calls are much more convenient when users are searching on a mobile
  • Phone call leads have the massive benefit of immediacy
  • Phone call leads are easily tracked with our phone call tracking system
  • [bctt tweet=”42% of people pick up the phone to call a business at least once a week” username=””]
  • [bctt tweet=”And did you know 48% of all customer phone calls come from mobile search” username=”cjtdigital”]

The smartphone generation isn’t afraid of making phone calls. In fact, they often prefer calling a business rather than filling out forms online.

So all in all if you are not including inbound call leads into your marketing mix you are missing out on massive potential for conversion to sale.

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