Summarising what CJTDigital Can Do For Your Business In A Single Picture and Sentence!

Summarising what CJTDigital Can Do For Your Business In A Single Picture and Sentence!

For the last 4 years we have been delivering digital marketing services for B2C & B2B across the UK. With clients in fashion, industrials, legal and media. We focus on results, conversions and metrics like CPA/CPL/CTR to get you the best ROI for your digital marketing spend.

Yet there is a probably not a day that goes by when someone doesn’t ask exactly what we or I do for businesses and invariably I get some blank expressions when I start explaining. It’s totally understandable as the explanation can quickly become technical – and with our fast paced, multi channel omni switched on wired lifestyles it can be difficult to take in. I know because I am guilty of switching off sometimes when someone is explaining what they do and I haven’t got the time – we all do it. It’s a bad trait which I am constantly working on but its also reality so I am always looking for more effective succinct ways to communicate and not ramble on for instance in a blog post like this!

So.., with the apparent difficulty of explaining what we do quickly to prospective clients well known around the office …Jacqui, our accounts manager challenged me (Chris Thompson) to summarise what we do for businesses the other day in a single diagram – something I had thought about for a long time but had just not found the time to put pen to paper. So I took up the challenge and I am really glad I did as the resultant picture below sums up what we do really quickly and resulted in a single statement for the business ….

Experts in Digital Funnel Inbound Paid Channel Marketing Delivering High volume, Low Cost Sales & Lead generation.

And the diagram/picture? Here it is in all its glory.


Full Funnel Inbound Marketing by CJTDigital


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Chris Thompson – Owner