Likes Smikes! 803 Leads in 48 hours at £0.47 Cost Per Lead

803 Leads in 48 hours at £0.47 Cost Per Lead

This Facebook Campaign was set live late on Friday evening only getting approved by about 7pm UK time on the 4th and ended Monday morning on the 7th.

With a great offer and compelling creative using a Facebook lead-gen campaign this is the power of Facebook. Each lead has the person’s name and email captured right inside Facebook. So our client can use the emails over and over again to promote their offers.

We see value in Likes and post engagements but not at the same level as hard leads with captured emails.

So if you want to get some tangible results from your Facebook advertising where you can really begin to get sales and revenue from your social media advertising – drop us a line, start a live chat or call us today to start a conversation.