When You Have Moved Domains & Lost Year On Year Google Analytics Data!

When You Have Moved Domains & Lost Year On Year Data What Do You Do?

Moved website domains and lost Google Analytics Year on Year Data? Fret not we can help!

So here’s the situation and its quite common. You have commissioned a brand new shiny website on a new domain, done all your SEO redirects and taken care of all the content but you or your web team failed to tell you that …because you have moved domains you need a new Google Analytics Profile!

Arrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhh all your previous data is now not comparable with the new data from your new Google Analytics profile on the new site!

The head of marketing is going nuts because they were the one that signed of on the new site. The MD is threatening to fire someone and everyone is in a blind panic because you can’t produce your management sales reports!

So how the bl**dy hell are we supposed to know how we are doing year on year!?????

This is just and example of the mild more tempered words that start coming from the MD’s office.

We feel your pain. Fear not we’ve got your back. Just give us access to your past and current Google Analytics profiles and we can beautifully merge your data across any metric you so desire, visits, revenue, time on site, bounce, you name it ….into a YOY web based live dashboard that will placate even the most aggrieved boss!

Get your Google Analytics Year On Year data back under control.

Drop us a line and we’ll merge your data like a data merging robot on red bull.

Image show an example dashboard of data that can be published to a web page for all within the business to use