5 Simple Steps To Advertise On YouTube For Penny Clicks

5 Simple Steps To Advertise On YouTube For Penny Clicks

How would you like to win back visitors from YouTube for literally pennies on the pound?

As a business you could be missing out on sales and leads by not utilising the power of YouTube from your own website visitors.

With over one billion unique users per month on YouTube its safe to say that a good proportion of your current web visitors will head over to YouTube to start watching their favourite cat video or whatever they might be into having just paid your website a visit.

So why aren’t you using this opportunity to talk to them again? A message repeated is a message reinforced and within a different channel and using a different message medium i.e. video your chance to get your message across can be much higher.

Its really quite simple to start doing this today. Just follow these 5 simple steps.


  1. Create a Video Campaign within AdWords – choose in-stream ads
  2. Choose your target audience – in this case your past web visitors
  3. Chose which video ad you want to run on YouTube
  4. Allocate a budget and cost per view – just set this to £0.05 as it is your audience!
  5. Set live and start showing your video ad to your past visitors today! 

So there you have it you really can leverage the massive audience that is n YouTube with your own web visitors for just a few pence per click.

Plus you only pay if someone actually clicks or watches your ads past the first 30 seconds.

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