Escaping The Crazy-Eight Way Of Working to 1263% ROAS!

15% Conversion & 1263% Return On Ad Spend – Not Too Shabby!

We’ve been working with a client struggling in a fiercely competitive space selling novelty gifts and we have been through what I would call the crazy figure of eight in recent weeks.

By this I mean we get some results to the positive but then due to incorrect beliefs we end up resetting this good progress and never really move forward. We and I personally are glad that we have been through this with our client as it galvanises our belief in our proven methods and approach being right. It is from the challenge we get growth and this is what we are now achieving once again for this client.

Thankfully we have all moved out of the crazy-eight way of operating with our client and we are moving forward to make more money and spend less for this client.

The great learning here is that the struggle has brought about better results than before for this client.

The Crazy Eight mentality explained in a diagram