The Challenge

An existing successful country clothing online retailer came to us facing increasing advertising costs, resulting in a reduction in Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) and profitability as a whole. Conversion sitting at an average of 1.8%.

The Solution

Careful analysis of the traffic mix and targeting within their primary traffic channel Google Ads determined massive wastage and low conversion from a large proportion of their activity. Changes we made in the setup, targeting and messaging within their Google Ads account within one day ad an instant impact on the following days sales – see below for the proof!

The Results

The snapshot of their Analytics shows that we made the changes on Jan 15th and the very next day results performance shot up with an upward trend that continued through the month and beyond.

Key highlights.

Before the changes on Day 15
– Conversion averaging 1.8%
– Daily cost was averaging £650/day
– Daily revenue average was £2750

After our changes Day 16 to 31
– Conversion averaging 2.5%, +38%
– Daily cost was averaging £405/day, -38%
– Daily revenue average was £3795, +38%